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Why this course?



  • Get acquainted and thorough with mathematics 1 & 2 for class 12th CBSE.


  • It would be good if you have a decent foundation in class 11th mathamatics.


   1)  VIDEOS

  • Learn from more than 20+ hours of self paced and on demand video lectures.
  • Giving you a feel of virtual classroom as you can watch the instructor while teaching.


  • Around 60+ solved questions, after each topic for better understanding.
  • Solved NCERT important questions with questions from other books also covering all the important topic as well as type of questions important for board point of view.

   3) NOTES

  • All the important formulas are mentioned chapterwise in the course.


  • Ask anything anytime related to the course and get them solved by fellow students or our experts in minimum possible time.
  • Now no need to silence the little voice in you and ask your doubts confidently. #PuchBefikar.


  • Multiple choice type tests are included and updated on a regular basis so that you can check your hold on a particular topic and become exam ready.

Course Curriculum

Course PDF
Relation & Functions.pdf Preview
Relation & Functions.pdf Preview
Inverse Trigonometry.pdf Preview
Matrices.pdf Preview
Determinants.pdf Preview
Continuity & Differentiability.pdf Preview
Application of Derivatives.pdf Preview
Integrals.pdf Preview
Differential equations.pdf Preview
vectors.pdf Preview
3D Geometry.pdf Preview
Linear Programming.pdf Preview
Probability.pdf Preview
Relation & Function
Introduction to Relation & Functions
Examples (2 Parts) : Cartesian Products; Domain & Range
Part 1- Cartesian Product Preview
Part 2- Domain & Range
Types of Relation : (5parts)- Basic; Reflexive; Symmetric; Transitive; Equivalence
Part 1- Basic Relations
Part 2- Reflexive Relations
Part 3- Symmetric Relations
Part 4- Transitive Relations
Part 5- Equivalence Relations
Problems on Equivalence Relation (2Parts)
Part 1- Problem On Equivalence Relation Preview
Part 2- Problem On equivalence Relation
Applied Problem on Relations (main)
Applied Problem on Relations (main)
Introduction to Functions
Kinds Of Function
Composite Function
Inverse of a Function
Inverse Of A Function
Problem 1- Inverse Of A Function Preview
Problem 2-Inverse of a Function
Binary Operations; Identity Element & Composite Table
Binary Operations Preview
Identity Element & Composite Table
Objective Type Practice Questions Preview
Inverse Trigonometry
Introduction to Inverse Trigonometry
Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Problem On Inverse Trigonometric Function Preview
Substitution Formula
Substitution Formula
Question On Substitution Formula
Introduction to Matrices
Order of a Matrix
Types of matrices
Data Representation in a Matrix
Equality of Matrices
Singular & Non Singular Matrix
Operations on Matrices (4 parts) : Addition; Subtraction; Scalar Multiplication; Matrix Multiplication
Addition of Matrices
Subtraction of Matrices
Combined Questions : Addition & Subtraction Of Matrices Preview
Scalar Multiplication
Multiplication of Two Matrices
Symmetric & Skew-Symmetric Matrix
Symmetric Matrix
Skew-Symmetric Matrix
Theorem On Symmetric & Skew-Symmetric Matrix
Problem on Symmetric & Skew-Symmetric Matrix Preview
Inverse of a Matrix: Elementary Row & Column Operations ; Invertible Matrices; Finding Inverse
Transpose of a Matrix
Inverse of a Matrix: Elementary Row & Column Transformation
Finding Inverse of a Matrix
Question 1 on Inverse of a Matrix (3x3 order) Preview
Question 2 on Inverse of a Matrix
Introduction to Determinants
Properties Of Determinants
Example on Properties of Determinants
Application of Determinants
Applications Of Determinants Part 2
Solving Linear Equation- Concept & Example Preview
Examples on how to solve Linear Equations using Matrix
Examples On Adjoint Of A Matrix
Inverse of a Matrix
Continuity & Differentiability
Introduction to Continuity And Differentiability
Algebra of Continuous Functions
Problem 1 on Continuity Preview
Problem 2 on Continuity
Advance Problem On Continuity
Differentiability of a Function
Differentiability problem question 1
Advance Problem On Differentiability
Question on Rules
Chain Rule
Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Problems on Derivatives
Basic Rules Of Differentiation Preview
Logarithmic Differentiation
Parametric Functions
Higher Order Derivative
Problems on Higher Order Derivative Preview
Problem 2 On Higher Order Derivative
Problem 3 on Higher Order Derivative
Problem 4 on Higher Order Derivative Preview
Mean Value Theorem
Application of Derivatives Mean value theorem.mp4
Applications of Derivatives
Introduction to Application of Derivatives
Rate Measure
Errors & Approximations
Increasing & Decreasing Functions
Increasing And Decreasing Functions
Example 1 On The Steps To Check Whether Then Function Is An Increasing Or Decreasing Function Preview
Example 2 On The Steps To Check Whether Then Function Is An Increasing Or Decreasing Function
Example 3 On The Steps To Check Whether Then Function Is An Increasing Or Decreasing Function
Example 4 On The Steps To Check Whether Then Function Is An Increasing Or Decreasing Function
Tangents & Normals
Introduction to Tangents & Normal
Concepts Of Tangents & Normal Preview
Second Application Of Derviatives- Tangents & Normal
Question 1 on Tangents & Normal
Question 2 on Tangents & Normal Preview
Question 3 on Tangents & Normal
Advance Problem on Tangents & Normal
Maxima & Minima
Introduction to Maxima and Minima
Algorith to find Maxima & Minima
Applied Problems On Maxima And Minima (Introduction) Preview
Applied Problems On Maxima And Minima (Part 1)
Applied Problems On Maxima And Minima (Part 2)
Applied Problems On Maxima And Minima (Part 3)
Applied Problems On Maxima And Minima (Part 4)
Applied Problems On Maxima & Minima (Part 5)
Introduction to Indefinite integrals
Physical Interpretation Of Integrals
Methods Of Integration
Integration By Parts
Integration By Partial Fraction
Special Integrals
Integrals Of The Form P(X) + Q Preview
Integral Of The Form P(X) Where Degree Of Numerator Is More Or Equal To Denominator
Integrals Of The Form E(X)
Some Important Integral
Introduction To Definite Integral
Questions On Definite Integrals
Questions On Definite Integrals By Substitution
Properties of Definite Integrals
Questions On Property Of Definite Integrals Preview
More Questions On Property Of Definite Integrals
More Properties Of Definite Integral
Question On Definite Integral Preview
Integral as a limit of sum
Question On Integral as a Limit of Sum
Application of the Integrals
Introduction to Application of Integrals
Finding area using vertical strip
Finding Area using Horizontal Strip
Area between Two Curves
question 1
Question on Area between Curves part 2 Preview
Question on Area Between Two Curves (3)
Differential Equations
Introduction to Differential Equation
Differential Equation of First Degree & First Order (Finding Solution to Differential equation)
Differential Equation Of First Degree & First Order
Order & Degree
Examples On Order & Degree
Differential Equation in Variable Separable Form
Equations In Variable Separable Form (Part 1)
Equations In Variable Separable Form (Part 2)
Homogeneous Differential Equation (#)
Homogeneous Differential Equation (Part 1)
Homogeneous Differential Equation (Part 2)
Homogeneous Differential Equation (Part 3)
Question 1 On Homogeneous Differential Equation Preview
Question 2 On Homogeneous Differential Equation
Question 3 On Homogeneous Differential Equation
Question/Example on Differential equations (Main)
Introduction to Vectors & Algebra of Vectors
Direction Ratios & Direction Cosines
Problems On Direction Ratios & Direction Cosines
Position Vector, Modules Of Vector & Unit Vector
Cross Product Or Vector Product
Scalar Or Dot Product Of Vectors
Question On Scalar & Dot Product Preview
3-D Geometry
Introduction To 3-D Geometry
Direction Ratios And Direction Cosines
Equation of a Straight Line in Space (Passing through two points)
Straight Line In Space (Part 1)
Straight Line In Space (Part 2)
Examples On Straight Line In Space
Perpendicular Distance Of A Line From A Point
Finding Angle Between Two Lines Preview
Shortest Distance Between Two Skew Lines
Advance Problems on Straight Line in Space
Equation of a Plane
Introduction to a Plane
Equation Of A Plane Passing Through A Point(X,Y,Z) And Direction Ratios Of It's Normal Are A,B And C Preview
Equation Of Plane Passing Through A Given Point And Normal To A Given Vector-1.m4v
Equation of a Plane passing through Three given Points (Co-planar Points)
Intercept form of a Plane.mp4 Preview
Equation Of Plane Passing Through The Intersection Of Two Plane
Examples Of Equation Of A Plane
Distance Between Two Parallel Plane
Angle Between Two Planes
Special Problem On Equations Of Plane Preview
Line & a Plane and Angle between them
Perpendicular Distance Of A Point From A Plane
Intersection of a Line & Plane.mp4
Image Of Point In A Plane
Condition For Co-planarity Of Two Lines
Example For Calculating Perpendicular Distance Of A Line From A Point
Problem On Line And Plane (Part1) Preview
Problem On Line And Plane (Part 2)
Linear Programming
Introduction to Linear Programming
Problem On Linear Programming Preview
Problems on Linear programming: Diet, Manufacturing (graphical), Transportation
Problem on Diet
Problem on Manufacturing (Graphical Representation)
Problem on Transportation
Introduction to Probability
Problem On Conditional Probability
Independent Event
Baye's Theorem
Problems On Baye's Theorem Preview
Probability Distribution Table
Mean, Variance And Standard Deviation
Binomial Distribution
Problem On Binomial Distribution Preview

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